Summarise Two Theories of Identity and Compare Their Usefulnes for Explaining the Real World Issues Discussed in Chapter 1'Identities and Diversities'

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DSE212-TMA01 Summarise two theories of identity and compare their usefulness for explaining the realworld issues discussed in Chapter 1, 'Identities and diversities' (1000 words) Concerning the topic identity theories, this essay intends to explain the Psychosocial Theory the Social Identity Theory. In doing so, the two theories will be compared in relation to their usefulness for explaining everyday issues concerning embodiment and physical impairments. The Psychosocial Theory considers the influence of personal and social factors on identity development. Focused on the individuals, they have to achieve a psychosocial stable and consistent core identity through normative crises. There is a connection between identity and core identity and the social context. A lifelong development is suggested, however, a clear focus on adolescence maybe leads to ignoring crucial changes in later life. Structures of social power are not specially emphasized, regard personal and social as separate systems. Psychoanalyst Erik Erikson 1902-1994, pioneer in the field of child development and ‘identity crisis’, has influenced research until today. For Erikson, identity development of the individual depends on society; personality grows under the influence of parental and social attitudes – affected by the historical period. Identity means to feel belonging to group ideals. An over identification with groups can lead to the defence against identity loss can produce clannishness and intolerance. Erikson used clinical and naturalistic observations, analyses of biographies for research and own experience and developed an eight stages theory. Influenced by Freud, he suggested that people run through the different stages on their way to their own identity; beginning at birth and ending in the late adulthood. Identity is an on-going developmental process included conflicts and
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