Summaries On Night By Elie Wiesel

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1. The main character Elie Wiesel was 12 and lived in the small town of Sighet. The year was 1941 and he practiced and studied the Talmud by day, and cried at the Hasidic Synagogue over the temple of Solomen at night. At this synagogue, he met his master whom guided him through the Cabbala and taught him mysticism. Moshe the Beadle was his name; a man who lived humbly but was very poor. On the other hand, he was very good at making himself insignificant of seeming invisible to everyone as well. 2. When the Germans invaded Sighet, each Jew must house one or more soldiers. They also had to do the following decrees in order; the first decree was that Jews couldn’t leave their own homes for 3 days, or it would result in death. The second decree was that no Jews were allowed to have gold, jewels, or anything of value in his or her house, or it would result in death. The third and final decree was that each Jew must were the yellow star of David. The star was a way of differentiating between a clean blood and a Jew. After all of the decrees, both a big and a small ghetto were set up in Sighet. 3. Elie Wiesel, when instructed to take the left path in Aushwitz towards the furnace, was convinced he was dreaming when he saw a German truck unload infants and throw them into the engulfing flames of the horrific fire, and knowing that the word of the Aushwitz camp was kept secret around Sighet. He knew, that taking this path would be the last time he would ever see his dear mother and sister Tzipora ever again. 4. Inside the barracks, the men were forced to put on old, torn up uniforms. The stronger men were ordered to work in the crematoria. A man named Bela Katz, the son of a very important salesman of Sighet, was forced to throw his own father’s body into the furnace. Everyone is trying to make friends with one another, so that they can keep sanity and rid their minds of
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