Summaries Of Julius Caesar Scene 1 And 2

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Act 1 scene 1 Flavius and Murellus are in the roman streets talking to a carpenter and a cobbler. The commoners are celebrating in the streets about Caesar’s victory over Pompey. Flavius is upset about the defeat of Pompey and antagonizes the commoners for not being at work. The carpenter tells Flavius his profession but the cobbler has some fun and uses puns to confuse Murellus until he finally tells him his profession. They then rant against the commoners on how they used to wait for Pompey to have victory and yet now he has been defeated and they cheer for Caesar. Flavius tells Murellus to go and undress anything decorated for Caesar. Act 1 scene 2 (1st half) The scene starts with Caesar telling Calphurnia to stand in Antonius’ way in the race so she might be healed of her infertility. Then a soothsayer tells Caesar that he should beware the ides of March but Caesar thinks that he is just insane. Then everyone leaves except Cassius and brutus. Cassius tells Brutus that he is basically better than Caesar and that Brutus should learn to see his own good qualities. Act 1 scene 2 (2nd half) Caesar comes in and tells Antony that he doesn’t like Cassius because he thinks too much and that would be dangerous for him. Casca tells Cassius that Caesar turned down a crown three times that day that Antony offered him. Casca then tells him that Murellus and Flavius were punished for defacing the Caesar statues. Cassius asks Casca if he can dine with him the next night and he agrees. Casca leaves and Brutus bids farewell also. Cassius then talks to himself about how Brutus should know better than to be manipulated by

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