Sumerian Culture Essay

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Mollie Hubers September 2, 2014 History 111 Dr. Lyon Assignment Two Sumerian Culture The Sumerian Mythology culture started out by drawing little pictures that represented words. Over time people started to write faster and the pictures that once represented something else formed into a new meaning. This form of writing is known as cuneiform (meaning wedged shaped) which is made using a tool called a stylus. Writing is important because it made our civilization powerful so that we could make plans for the future. We learned this way of writing by writing down our proverbs and rituals at a young age. Scribes would write down the laws and everything they heard from priests and other gods and goddesses. The Sumerian culture could not properly function without these scribes. They were the first civilization to write their stories (also called myths) down instead of just telling them to each other. The most important god in Sumerian culture is known as the Patron god Emerald. Each city state has their own special god that was made to protect us. There is a story that tells about when the gods had second thoughts about having created humans. They had sent a huge flood (just how God had sent a flood in Bible times) to wipe out the entire world. One of the gods however didn't agree and told a man to build a boat (just as God told Noah) and bring all his family and all animals on the boat with him so that they may repopulate the world after this huge storm came in and wiped it out. The Sumer culture believed this is how humans and animals survived this great

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