Sulphuric Acid/Goodnight & Goodluck Synthesis Essay

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“It is when his absence is glaring that God is most necessary.” Sulphuric Acid by Amelie Nothomb p. 44 To believe in a higher being is a natural human comfort; it helps to put our minds at ease when we are confronted with a question we cannot answer and gives us hope about life in general. However, perhaps the downside of believing in God is that during the times that we need him the most, it appears that He is ignoring our cries for love and support by simply disappearing. This quote from Nothomb’s novel Sulphuric Acid not only applies to the story she portrays, but also in George Clooney’s Goodnight and Goodluck. Although these two stories seem to be completely different expressed in two different ways, they have one thing in common: the subject on relying on God when there’s nothing or no one else to turn to. Since this quote was derived from the pages of Sulphuric Acid, the meaning best applies to this story. The prisoners of a concentration camp are trapped in the direst of situations; they are the subjects of a gruesome reality television show with an audience indifferent to their well-being. As the violence escalates and the hope of being saved diminishes, the prisoners, particularly the protagonist Pannonique, began to wonder where God was and how he could permit their torture to continue without intervention. Pannonique begins to speculate on the possibility of God’s existence since the idea of His infinite kindness and the brutality of the concentration camps coexisting in the same world seems too horrific. That would make God seem as if He isn’t as “good” and “perfect” as everyone believes He is. Even in an attempt to justify God’s actions (or lack thereof) Pannonique takes it upon herself to be the Messiah of her fellow prisoners by attempting to be the ultimate symbol of mercy and grace. In other words, Nothomb uses God as a symbol of good in

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