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Suli Breaks Essay

  • Submitted by: brettobranovich
  • on May 20, 2013
  • Category: English
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Brett Obranovich
Professor Romagnoli
English 1B
3 March 2013
Suli Breaks Poetry Analysis
A spoken word poet who goes by the name of Suli Breaks performed a poem called Why I Hate School but Love Education. As of this date this poem has reached over two million views on YouTube. Suli Breaks (real name Suliaman Amoako) is a poet who lives in London who has a law degree from the University of Sheffield. Even though he graduated with a degree from a university, he has a very negative outlook on college as he expresses in his poetry. This is a very controversial poem because Suli Breaks is basically making an argument that college education is not always needed and can actually hold people back. A lot of people misinterpret the message that Suli is talking about because it does not sound good when someone talks poorly about a college education. It is a lengthy 6-minute poem, and not all of it is completely logical, but Suli does raise a great point and makes some bold claims that do make sense. Suli Breaks very poetically makes the point that if someone want to be a doctor, lawyer, engineer, etc, let them go to college to learn about what they need to know in order to succeed in that profession. He goes on to say that school is often times a waste of money, and people have no job even after they get their degree. There are alternative ways of getting an education, and that is what one of his main focuses is, hence the title. There is a part where Suli says, “Now I’m not saying that school is evil, and there’s nothing to gain, but all I’m saying is, understand your motives and reassess your aims.” By this Suli means that people should know what they’re studying for and have a goal in mind.
Suli Breaks does present some logical fallacies in his writing. He makes a lot of references to people who have made a ton of money without getting a degree (Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Henry Ford). This is a faulty cause and effect. These people didn’t make a ton of money...

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