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Oil of vitriol, also known as sulfuric acid .Sulfuric acid? What is it? Sulfuric acid is a highly corrosive strong mineral acid with the molecular formula of H2 SO4. It's a colorless or slightly yellow liquid which is soluble in water at all concentrations. Sometimes, it could be dark brown by being dyed during its industrial production process in order to alert people to its hazards. Sulfuric acid shows different properties depending upon its concentration (a.k.a its color). Its corrosiveness on other materials, like metals, living tissues or even stones, can be mainly recognized to its strong acidic nature and property. Sulfuric acid at a high concentration can cause very serious damage upon contact, as it not only causes chemical burns because of hydrolysis, but also secondary thermal burns via dehydration. It burns and can lead to permanent blindness if splashed onto eyes. Accordingly, safety precautions should be strictl when handling it. It freezes at 10.5°C. It fumes when heated, because some of the H2SO4 decomposes to H2O and SO3. The H2O is retained in the liquid, while SO3 gas is released. Therefore, the concentration of H2SO4 decreases, reaching a concentration of 98.33%. Sulfuric acid boils at 338°C and is the material sold as "concentrated sulfuric acid. It can be used to chemically remove water from many compounds. It dehydrates sucrose (table sugar), C12H22O11, leaving a spongy black mass of carbon and diluted sulfuric acid. Concentrated sulfuric acid reacts similarly with skin, paper, and other animal and plant matter. When it is mixed with water, a highly exothermic reaction occurs, and the energy released can be enough to heat the mixture to boiling. Therefore, concentrated sulfuric acid has to be diluted by adding the acid slowly to cold water while the mixture is stirred to dissipate the heat. The first successful method for making sulfuric

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