Suicide Reasons Essay

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When you get to the point of contemplating suicide, you are often so distressed that you are unable to see any other options, any other way out. Everyone has problems, and can usually find ways of dealing with isolated stressful or traumatic events and experiences reasonably well. But sometimes there is a build-up of these kinds of events over a period of time. When this happens, all the coping strategies that they have put into place are pushed to their limits. These limits vary from person to person. Rape and abuse survivors are very vulnerable. They have to deal with all kinds of memories, flashbacks PTSD, depression, relationship problems, trust issues to name but a few, on top of everyday problems that may crop up. It sometimes gets to the stage where it’s all too much to deal with. A person who is contemplating suicide is usually so distressed that they can't see that there are other options available to them. Their distress is overwhelming and they can feel totally isolated and alone with their feelings. Usually by the time a person gets to the stage of thinking about suicide as an option they are not able to evaluate their options in an objective manner. If they weren't in such great distress many would choose a different option. A lot of suicidal people give out warning signs in the hope that they will be rescued. Most just want an end to the never ending emotional pain and hurt, not to

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