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Salem Zeglin ENG 102- 1518 Professor Hooker February 21, 2012 Essay 2 People of society become overwhelmed with the pressure of meeting high expectations everyday, though it’s not everyday that suicide is the outcome of being overwhelmed. The poem, Suicide Note by Janice Mirikitani, describes just this: an Asian-American girl in college apologizes “to her parents for having received less than a perfect four point grade average” (Intro Paragraph) in a suicide note before she takes the fall to end her life. The speaker felt she was never good enough for her parent’s approval. High expectations are not always attainable is the theme of the poem. She apologizes with words put into simile, metaphors, and symbolism. At the beginning of Mirikitani’s Suicide Note, she begins with an italicized paragraph describing an Asian-American girl who fell under the pressure of her parent’s high expectations, and was reported to have jumped from her dormitory window ledge to commit suicide. The poet then follows with a suicide note written in the form of a poem. Throughout the poem the speaker continues with the depressing, apologetic, and wretched tone. She gains more emphasis of the tone towards the end of the poem, when she is taking the fall off of the window ledge. The poem uses first person point of view. “I apologize for disappointing you.” (lines 5-6). This causes the poem to be even more melancholy and sad, than it would be if the poet were to have used third person limited point of view, because the reader would not feel the intense emotion behind the words of the speaker. The poet uses simile throughout the poem to explain that if she were something different than herself, then she would meet the expectations of her parents. In the second line of the poem “ink smeared like birdprints in snow” the speaker compares ink to a bird’s footprints in the snow. The

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