Suicide Counseling Essay

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Suicide As the school counselor it is my responsibility to know the school's suicide intervention plan. As the school counselor I am a mandated reporter and if a student has plans of hurting themselves or someone else it is my responsibility to intervene to try to try to promote safety. • All threats should be taken seriously and I should act immediately. When it comes to a potential for suicide, you have to take all threats seriously and action should be taken the same day. • The students parents should be contacted immediately when there is a concern for suicide. • As the school counselor parents should be given parent resources to get help and get a commitment from the parent to get that help. Also emergency hotline numbers should be given to the student and I will try to get a commitment from them to not act. • As the school counselor I need to know my state and health and safety laws. • If a parent will not give a commitment to getting help then I need to know what I am permitted to do as far as turning it over to other agencies to act on the child's behalf. • A student should never be left unattended if they are a serious suicide risk it is not appropriate for me to let them walk home from school or ride the bus home. • The student should be monitored at school until their parents can get to the school. When the parent arrives, get a commitment from the parent to monitor them until they can get them to emergency help. Parenting As the school counselor I will try to work with my students parents to promote their success. Parenting is the process of promoting and supporting, emotional, social and intellectual development of a child from infancy to adulthood. My role as the school counselor is to promote the academic, social, and career development so I will work with parents to

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