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Suicide Prevention Orientation Weekend I attended a suicide prevention seminar during student teaching orientation. The seminar was very beneficial. It made us aware of the scary statistics that suicide has. The majority of the students we will be teaching are in the age where suicides are high. With middle school aged students going through all of the changes and with their hormones being unbalanced, being aware of the signs of suicide is important for teachers. The seminar taught us to look for the warning signs. Typical warning signs for someone considering suicide is weight loss or gain, decreased social involvement, mood swings, crying, severe depression, negative statements, and many more. The seminar taught us how to approach our students and how to seek help. When you suspect someone is considering suicide you cannot wait around from someone else to help. You also cannot have the mindset that the person would never commit such an awful action. It happens every day. When you suspect someone is having suicidal thoughts you approach them in private and attempt to counsel with them. You must be confidential, but if they admit to having suicidal thought you must report the incident. There are several ways to seek help for someone considering suicide. Local schools have counselors available that can handle the case. There are also various professional organizations within the community that have professionally trained to work with younger adults. The most important thing learned from the seminar is to notice the warning signs and take action

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