Suicide Essay

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NGO PHUONG THAO Should doctors be allowed to help terminally ill patients commit suicide? is a profound question that is hotly debated on both sides of the issue. According to Derek Humphry who is the founder of the Hemlock Society, it would be a great comfort to people who face terminal illness to know they could get help to die if their suffering became unbearable. Base on the article, people who are depressed or who feel they are a weight on their families should be advised and help to live but you have to separate those instances from people who are dying, whose bodies are giving up on them. Sometimes, terminally ill patients can realize that their life is coming to an end. The fact is that it’s not easy to commit suicide on your own. We’re not talking about cases in which a depressed person will come to a doctor and ask to be skill, the doctor must say no to depressed people. A candidate for assisted suicide has to be irreversibly, terminally, hopelessly ill and judged to be so by two doctors. Derek Humphry admitted that a candidate for assisted suicide has to be terminally ill patient who suffered the unsupportable pain of the disease and there is no thing doctor can do to help them to get over the pain. An other writer has the same idea, Rob Nelson admitted that every one has a right to make decisions involving their own body…including the right to decide that they no longer wish to endure the pain and suffering of a terminal illness. These are people who are going to die in a limited amount of time, who are suffering greatly either physically, mentally or both, and who are being kept alive just because of advanced medical technology, not their own choice. In fact, Oregon is the only state in the US that has legalized the physician-assisted ending of life. The Death with Dignity Act was twice approved by voters, once in 1994 and again when a ballot

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