Suicide Essay

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Introduction We all know death, and we all know we have to die some day, some people say that only god know when we are going to die, and that it is his decision. Well I say that it is only his decision. But why are there some people that chose to play god and decide by them self when they are going to die. How can there be some people that think it is okay to die without telling their family? Is it possible to think there is no other way out than death? Maybe there is a little thing inside you that hurts, but how can you forget the people around you that love you and care about you. Is it really that simple to forget? “To kill oneself” Suicide from latin, suicidium, sui caedere “to kill oneself.”Dr. Jerry Kennard statement on people that commit suicide is “the most commend age of group for attempted or actual suicide involved people under the age of 35. Three times more women make more suicide attempts than men, suicide attempts made are directly associated with some mental health problem.” But this is all fact and things you actually know things you hear every time someone commit suicide, but no person other than the one that kill them self can know what it fell like, what the last thing is that going through you mind and soul. And last of all, the reason that you chose to end your life, to take control, not knowing what is going to happen. Some would say they are brave, some would say week. But what are they and why do they chose to die? Is there really not someone that can help them, or has they just given up? I don’t think it is easy to kill yourself, but in some way you have to forget something. You have to forget yourself and you have to forget the people that love you. Like I Sexton’s poem to Sylvia Plath, in that poem she writes “Sylvia, Sylvia, where did you go after you wrote me from Devonshire about raising potatoes and keeping bees?” Sexton is

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