Suicide Essay

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Depression to Suicide: The word “Suicide” is defined as; intentionally taking one’s own life. My question is, “what causes people to commit suicide?”. The article expresses that depression is the primary contributing factor to suicide. Not all suicide is caused by depression, though results show an estimate of 40 to 60 percent of people who complete the act of suicide do so during a depressive episode or during the recovery phase. The fact that individuals who commit suicide see their own actions as the last solution to their psychological difficulties is something any expert has trouble putting into context. Depression can control and change a persons’ personality and the fact that it can cause people to consider suicide as an option, is something I view as outrageous and unexplainable. Depression can be characterized as an emotional state characterized by feelings of sadness, dejection, despair, and discouragement. The article breaks down Depression into four clusters; emotional, cognitive, motivational, and somatic. Each cluster of depressive symptoms can impact the individual both dependently and independently, which means once a set of clusters begins to affect the individual another can impact and reinforce the depressive effects. Given that the depressive symptoms endure, these clusters can effect the motivational symptoms causing “paralysis of the will” of the individual. In some cases, people who suffer from severe depression may experience a slowing down in movements and motor skills, these physical changes can worsen the depressive symptoms. The article refers to the these physical changes as somatic symptoms. In the emotional cluster, sadness is the main focus. “Feeling sad” are caused by multiple factors, feelings of anxiety can cause loss of interests in hobbies, daily activities, sex, appetite, etc. The cognitive cluster points out

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