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1 – Who were Suffragettes? Suffrage means having the right to vote in political elections. Today women have freedom and rights to vote which can be taken for granted. The mid 19th century woman had no rights and no independent means and was always seen as second class. A woman’s role was looking after the home, and being a mother to her children. It was around this time when women began to rebel against the way they were treated in society. 2 – What metods did S. use? For over ten years the Suffragettes tried to get Parliament to change the law and allow women to get the vote. At the start of their campaign they held large meetings, shouted at politicians and wrote petitions to Parliament. They smashed windows, burned post boxes, attacked members of Parliament and the Prime Minister and bombed and burned buildings. Some women were arrested and went to prison. When they were in prison Suffragettes went on HUNGER STRIKE and refused to eat. 3 – Mary Smith and Lydia Becker and beginning of Suffragettes 1832 Mary Smith presented the first women’s suffrage petition to Parliament. The first petition to Parliament asking for votes for women was presented to the House of Commons by Henry Hunt MP on behalf of a Mary Smith, on 3 August 1832. The same year, the Great Reform Act expanded the electorate, but to 'male persons' only.Another early petition was presented by John Stuart Mill, the philosopher, political economist and Member of Parliament, in 1866. 1866 A women’s suffrage committee was formed in London. Lily Maxwell was the first woman to vote in Britain in 1867 after the Great Reform Act of 1832. 1867 Lydia Becker played a key role in the campaign for suffrage, encouraging women to openly campaign and speak publicly. She founded the Manchester National Society for Women’s Suffrage in 1867. Several attempts for women to be able to vote failed around

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