Suffering Is The Valuable Lesson

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Undoubtedly the experience of suffering cannot be avoided. We are suffered during our life time, at least that is how most of us feel as we are confronted with troubles like loneliness monotonous life or some disaster. Unfortunately people who take time to analyze the hard experience before complaining are far less likely to flee or remove them. However, no pains no gains. Most difficult experiences can help us anticipate and prevent future mistakes and make it easier for us to endure hard times. Consequently, I would rather use my courage and optimism to change the suffering into valuable lessons. But what is suffering? Maybe there are a thousand understanding in a thousand people’s eyes. I would rather put the experience of suffering into two categories which are the “passive suffering” and the “active suffering” and they both have their value. The first one is the “passive suffering” by which I mean it is a kind of experience that cannot be avoided and you have to confront it no matter how loath you are. And the “passive suffering” is always caused by some uncontrollable things like car accident, earthquake, or even some small things. For example I suffered when I was ten years old. My parents had to go abroad to attend an important conference for about one month, so they sent me to my grandparent’s home which is in another city. Obviously, my grandparents love me very much but it did not help. I had no friend there and gradually I felt lonely. Watching TV everyday in a cold and cheerless big room without speaking a word really made me upset. One month later, my parents came back and brought me home. I still remember clearly that I met one of my classmates who I hated before when I came back home. Because of loneliness, I caught up with him eagerly and showed my kindness. He was surprised at first, but from that day on both he and I realized that we should

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