Suffering Essay

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Suffering Life’s experience can sometimes cause one to suffer, bad things happen, becoming lessons people either learn from or continue suffering. When people purposely cause someone to suffer with deceitful and manipulative intentions the effects are devastating. Having a disability or the color of your skin can be reason for some to take advantage. People are not always who they say they are and enjoy stealing others joy through false hope. Suffering can be described in different ways by different people and that is seen with the authors, W.H. Auden, in poetic form and Flannery O’ Connor, in a short story. The suffering in “Musee’ des Beaux Arts” may be linked to apathy whereas the suffering in “Good Country People” may be linked to a preoccupation which is purely physical, and these differences in both authors approach are expressed significantly through theme, figurative language, and imagery. The theme in the poem is human suffering and how people react to tragedy and everyday struggles. Also, is Suffering can be reduced by coming to terms with the world, a religious acceptance, or simply seeing the good and the bad. Also, people look away when they see bad things happening and are not involved, can care fewer attitudes. Suffering is all around in different forms and is not always seen by outsiders. The theme is based on a painting, the picture may be harder to interpret and is not as easily understood like in the short story. People can be manipulative and sometimes make you believe in something that’s not real for selfish reasons. In the story “Good Country People” a young girl had been the victim of a tragedy that cost her one of her legs. Of course, losing a limb changes thing and no doubt caused her to be different and loose herself. Joy is a thirty two year old woman that lives at home Joy even changed her name to match the way she felt and seen

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