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"how I became a friend of him?" i still remember each and every moments of the time i was traveling in a local train from india to my home country nepal.that was my first travel by train and remained in my mind and soul forever.i was asked to sit on the last compartment . I put my luggage in the trunk and took my seat. suddenly my eyes happened to look at a child of around 1 year old.when i tried to take my eyes away from his sight and tried to grab a bottle of water i realized that he was staring at me with an innocent smile.Then thoughts started occupying my mind.why would the child would be looking at me in that manner? what might have been in me that brasped the one year old child? do I look different? these thoughts occupied my mind and tried to answer them . I did not have a clear answer to any o these queries. I grabbed the bottle of water and took my seat. I was trying to involve myself so that I did not have to put myself in stress of finding out what was going on? then i started thinking about the kid again. I had a storm of thoughts going in my mind. I frequently visualized the smile of the child that made me feel happy . The child's sigh smile got stock in my mind and heart like the blood in the veins. Everytime I thought about the child ,I visualized and thought about his smile.My storm in the mind could not stop. Finally a time came where i tried to copy his smile and forget the sorrows and Pain I had in my life.trying to figure out the reason for a small child to look at me and smile in that manner , i made several guesses and thought none of them were the exact reason that made him smile. I thought the child was happy to see an unknown person in the compartment full of his parents. BUt again I thought kids usually cry when they see a new face. So I was not satisfied. Again I thought there might have been some peculiarity in me that he

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