Successor to Life's Demands Essay

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Bryan Cabrera Professor McConnor English 101 3 March 2014 As life begins to unfold, goals are things that you desire or dream of achieving. They may change over time due to events that occur throughout life. It is easier to discuss what I will be doing than to actually take action. Due to this, I have been procrastinating my desire to overcome anxiety and developing an identity through my academics. Pursuing a degree seems like a simple task up until the pressure and stress gets inside your mind. I will not lose hope therefore will take affirmative action in order to accomplish these intermediate-term goals. In order to become a success at these challenges, I must create a blueprint that will surely work. By listing strategies and methods that will achieve these goals. The transition from high school to college had its few rough patches along the way. I was originally going to go to SUNY Morrisville for the Fall 2013. But over the summer while enrolled in the EOP, this unexpected amount of tension came upon me. With that mental strain, I immediately left and took many months off to figure out where and what I will be doing in the next few years. As time gradually began to pass, I had no clue or desire to what I wanted to do. That is where a relative of mine showed me that BMCC had admissions for the Spring 2014 and I knew from that day on, I had a fresh new start. Sounds simple, yet there is a time ticking stress bomb waiting to explode within my mind. Having doubts about my future endeavors put me in a trance. My anxiety has had excluded me from doing things that I knew I was able to do. To prevent this again I need to take the initiative and seek help for ways to subdue the nervousness that starts to build up. That way I will able to discover the identity that has been overshadow by the cloud of anxiety. Besides being scared about the

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