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------------------------------------------------- Successful Student * Thu, Mar 26, 2009 * Course Specific Materials Dear Friend, This is written for those who are enrolled in the Way of Purity/Door of Hope Course and are actively pursuing freedom from pornography and sexual impurity. As of today many students have signed up to go through these course, we have noted some similarities, and we wanted to present these to you to help you to be a "successful student" that gets free from all forms of sexual impurity. Below are 10 things that successful students do who become free from impurity. The following description is of someone who has completed the The Way of Purity course. Coming into purity is a process, and the idea is to implement these truths as soon as possible. Feel free to print these out and review them often. 1--Students who get free from impurity persist , they do not drop out. There will come all sorts of difficulties in the life of one seeking freedom, but those who get free are those who do their course work daily. Also, they do no more than one lesson per day. Those who ?fast track? and do more than a lesson a day evidence that their goal is to finish the course, not get free from impurity. 2--Students who get free from impurity become broken before the Lord. They begin to realize that all their zeal for God had no basis in reality and truth, but was most likely from mere emotionalism. This realization hits them hard, for they are shown that they have been hypocritical, both in their supposed love for God and in their understanding of who they themselves are. There is a heavy dose of reality that sweeps over the one who is breaking free, that his past life has been one of deception, of mask wearing, of hypocrisy. This wounds his heart and crushes his spirit, and he begins to be broken before the Lord. This is the beginning of genuine

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