success in the real world

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“Success in the real world” In order to succeed in this huge world we must be ready for the obstacles that will be thrown our way such as having to deal with college, how we are going to pay for it, and the type of experience that we are going to need to get a job, and also the type of life that we wish to live once we have accomplished all of this. I want to be happy, wealthy, and a successful person who lives in a 10,000 sq.ft house with my family and 5 dogs, and is a giving, supportive type of person. I have all of these big dreams but I have to first graduate, get scholarships to pay for college, get good grades to graduate and then get a good job to eventually one day pay these back or pay them off. Hopefully my time spent here with all of the lyceum and the speakers that they have come in so often I will get not only to meet some professionals, but at the same time I will be meeting my future bosses or employers and maybe even business partners. I have located some very good scholarships though small they can help in eradicating the total cost for college. I do also have to think about once I get into Graduate school once attaining my undergraduate degree. I also have to think about maintaining a respectable and very good GPA. If I should do all of this successfully then I can start to look into when I graduate how I can get some pre-graduation experience I can do this by going to internships and doing charitable work or even get a part-time work. The good part about doing all the hard work in both Undergrad and Grad studies is the payoff. In fact The National Association of Colleges and Employers, states that salary offers for graduates with a B.S in Computer Science averaged $53,396 in accordance to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics. And for those in Management Information Systems which I am majoring in the Median annual earnings of these managers in
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