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Success of the Sexy Wonder Bra “So I can’t cook, who cares?” A sexy, big busted, spokeswoman for Wonder Bra says. This is an example of sexuality in our media. Much of our culture is based on physical attractiveness and its power to persuade, to attract, to influence, and, in a real sense, to succeed. Sex is used in advertising as an expression of physical attractiveness. Our advertising media clearly believe in the power of physical attractiveness to persuade consumers to buy their product. The Wonder Bra ad is successful because it attracts, is remembered, and persuades consumers by sexuality. People are certainly attracted to beauty, though the definition of beauty will differ from person to person and even from context to context, consumers pay more attention to physically attractive people than we would to someone who was not physically attractive. That is why the woman in the Wonder Bra is a very attractive blonde, who has a face that is enticing and flawless. She catches the eye of consumers because she is sexually attracting them. When Mark, a 23 year-old male was shown the Wonder Bra, his comments were only on how “sexy” the woman appeared. When he was asked what message he thought the ad was trying to portray he said,” I think the woman is telling other women that it’s okay not be what was once expected as a woman, that she is sexy and she’ll get through life based upon what she looks like.” The ultimate goal of the Wonder Bra ad was to get the message across to the consumers, display the Bra, and for the consumers to remember this specific Bra over the all the others. Consumers generally remember ads that contain more sexual content by creating a fantasy of what they could have or become with the specific merchandise, in this case is the Wonder Bra. When 28-year old Michael was shown a series of three ads, one being the Wonder Bra ad and the others

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