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As I want to start of my journal, the topic that have choosen is to be a successful young woman around the world area. To make the successful of life must do the list of make short term goals that lead to medium and long term ones of the goal. Moreover, take action to set everyone on own pathway to achieve them. A life without dreamy goals is like trying to walk to the other side of the country without a map. The successful among community need to search long and hard, and grow the plans into finding something that passionate about, but it will be worth for all time and will set whole life straight. The secondly is everyone can not doing into prostitute of any amount or anything that make own body to in other negative matter involvement. Other than that, me as a woman group must point to the self respect that the most important thing must have. Be true to individually and do not let anyone else guide own away from the right path and stop from achieving goals. The other important thing that respect others to gain life long of the world area, be kind and generous so that people will be kind towards among own origin. The respect and appreciate parents, everyone must take this point of their own life easy if even someone does not always get along with them just be kind to them and always respect them. Just a simple word, without them we would not be here its means be in world of fresher area. In other thing is they are still our own parents. To continually of it is be grateful for everything that already have, just remember there are people that are in worse situations. Try not to complain about anything that can work on. In other thing is overcome bad situations in life, when something is not going the way our plan do not worry or throw away our goals. Life would not seem bright without loads of dark drama. There is no one in this world that

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