Success and Achievement

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Success and Achievement Success can be defined as the favorable prosperous termination attempts or endeavors. Achievements come from success, determination, and setting goals. I have achieved numerous achievements and successes, in my life. Also, I have experienced success and achievements in my academics in high school. Having a job has helped me to realize what it takes to achieve success in all I do in school and outside to help make me a better person. I have achieved success in FFA, academics, and in my job on the farm and on my own. I have achieved numerous honors and successes through FFA. As a freshman and sophomore I was part of a state winning farm business management team. We went to the national contest and received 12th overall. After the national contest I went on to be the high individual in the Agronomy contest my junior year. I have also been chapter reporter of my FFA chapter. I am currently serving as a chapter president. I was recognized as second-best in my diversified crop production proficiency area on the state level. I'm currently a candidate for Northeast district star farmer and will receive my state FFA degree in May, only 727 members receive will receive their degree this year. The successes did not come easy I worked every day as far as I could to get to this point at which I am now achieving personal success. FFA has helped me in so many different ways. It has given me the confidence to achieve those goals I made years ago as a freshman. FFA has given me opportunities to get out of my quiet comfort zone and into a leadership role as a mentor to younger FFA members. I have learned that in order to become a successful FFA member, I had to meet new people. I have enjoyed every opportunity that FFA has given me to participate in up to this point in my FFA experience. I have learned many life lessons that I will carry on in
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