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Success Essay

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  • on November 20, 2013
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Justin Van Wyhe
Professor Gertsma
English 1101
17 October 2013
The Path to Success
We all want it, strive for it and want to attain it. To each of us, success might have different meaning. For some, true success may be marriage, kids, and a 9-4 job. Others may venture to obtain the highest level of education or work at the best firm or hospital.   No matter what version of success one chooses, the following four steps may be used to assist in reaching it.  
The first step is to know oneself.   This means to one must figure out what one likes and dislikes, and search for something to be passionate about. My personal example is that I loathe service jobs and love construction.   I don’t’ do well with being spoken down to, but I thrive in areas with responsibility and authority. It is much easier to succeed in something that one is passionate about or enjoys.
The second step is not mandatory for success but is definitely valuable in fostering an environment for success.   Though I disagree with much of Paul Fussell's writings in “A Touchy Subject,” he did state something applicable: “When in early middle life some people discover that certain limits have been placed on their capacity to ascend socially by such apparent irrelevancies as heredity, early environment, and the social class of their immediate forebears...” (p509) Having people around that are jealous of success and wanting what others have earned can be a roadblock to personal achievement of set goals. It is important to be surrounded by those who are trustworthy, seeking success, already successful, or those one wants to emulate.   When surrounded by this caliber of people, it is easier to develop one’s own elevated constitution.   There are often individuals within the community that are willing and able to act as a mentor for individuals actively seeking success.   Therefore, if one does not have access to this type of people in their daily lives it could be possible to seek an alternative mentor. This...

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