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Success Essay

  • Submitted by: wllazy
  • on August 26, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Ladies and gentlemen, I can say I'm no less nervous than my fellow and he was on the first time coming before this house. I can say ladies and gentlemen, that the problem we are facing before us, the problem that I have to deal with today, is how to define success.

  It is often too easy, it is often too simplistic to define success as something external, something objective, something dealing with money, fame or reputation. But what I believe success is that it is not external. It comes from within. It is internal. I believe success is that you have to have your own ideals, and that you have faith in those ideals, even in the face of extreme adversity. And that is my definition of success.

  I also believe that success is not discriminatory. Success does not attach to a mere particular class of individuals. I believe that each and every individual, regardless of race, gender, class or even economic background, has an equal right to success, because each person has the right to develop his own ideals and to pursue those ideals.

  A good example of this is the composer Beethoven, a man who all of us know has created great symphonies. This man was deaf. This man was unable to hear his own majestic pieces of work. And yet, he held to his ideal of creation of music to the very end. Then what exactly does the definition of success mean to me? To answer this question, to exemplify it, I pose a question to this house. I pose a question what brings us here together today, ladies and gentlemen, students and educators as you like. And the answer that I have found is the love for the spoken word.

  Love for the spoken word means how it is to express, how it is to listen, how it is to understand. Because what happens when you have a pause, what happens when you have a rhetoric speech all differs on the impact and communication that you have on your audience. But the meaning of the spoken word applies ever more strongly to those who are unable to speak, or are...

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