The Subway Hero

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Did you know that people can make an important decision in 0.3 seconds? Scientific research has proven it takes 0.3 seconds for a person to blink and react to something; furthermore, this short time can decide a person’s life and death. My definition of a hero is someone who has the courage to not only help others but also increase people’s hope. According to the definition, I chose Mr. Kim-Dae-Hyun to be my hero. A few years ago, a heartwarming story received full coverage on the Korea newspapers. It was a story that about an eighteen-year-old high school student named Kim-Dae-Hyun. He rescued a five-year-old boy who had fallen down on the subway tracks. After that He became a famous subway hero. There are three reasons that he became a hero: he had courage, he started a movement, and he had modesty and honesty. First, he was a brave person even though he was only eighteen years old at that time. One day, a five-year-old boy had fallen down on the subway tracks. The shocked mother could not catch her son in that split moment because the train was getting close. At that moment, Mr. Kim-Dae-Hyun threw himself onto the track to save the child, and it took only 0.3 seconds. The child didn’t suffer any injury, but the young man had a slight bruise. This story gave a lesson that we should help others who are in more difficult condition than us, regardless of our age. After this news became public knowledge, some other people helped subway victims in similar accidents. For example, there was a story of a blind man who fell down the subway track, and a woman who helped the blind man. The woman stated, “Mr. Kim gave me courage because he had more difficult a situation even though he is younger than me.” The woman remembered that Mr. Kim, the subway hero, had courage. If people have courage and help other people, a happier society will result and every day people will
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