Suburban Segregation Essay

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Suburban Segregation Segregation refers to separation of ethnic, cultural and other distinct groups which are based on housing and residence. Residential or suburban segregation sorts different population groups into various residential contexts and shapes their living environment at the vicinity level. Metropolitan cities in US are utterly segregated according to the racial lines. According to 1990 surveys some 70% of Americans would need to change their places of residence to achieve racial equity in their place of abode. The most manifest case of residential segregation is when a majority/dominant group (whites as a rule) imposes segregation on a minority/ subordinate group (e.g. African-Americans). Unfortunately, it has been still the case that African-Americans traditionally suffer from severe prejudices as well as from the discrimination in urban residential markets. Furthermore they often live in systematically deprived vicinities. Furthermore this ongoing residential suburban segregation has long term effect on Afro-American families as well as on their ability to sell and purchase homes, due to the red-lining of such vicinities described below. Suburban residential segregation may also result from the so-called institutional discrimination or denial of equal rights and opportunities to groups or individuals that results from the society’s normal operations. The interaction between residential segregation and institutional discrimination has ultimately created a dual realty market that is generally acknowledged and supported by considerable amount of literature. This dual housing market is the market segregated by race where African-Americans endure housing selections which in their turn are the result of both overt and institutional discrimination. There are lots of factors involved in the suburban residential segregation and discrimination phenomenon.
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