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Research Seminar: Marketing Article Summary of Subtle Luxuries September 15th 2011 Summary The article suggests that the ‘rich’ follow new methods to display their status. The new form is subtle luxuries. These subtle luxuries are not flaunted or not overt. They are only understood by people who are familiar with them. For example, a Rolex watch is commonly known as an expensive watch by most people in society. Subject Matter On the issue of fly fishing the article suggests that 10 year old shirts are more accepted by peers than ‘brand new gear.’ People within the fly fishing circle understand (subtly or discretely) that the ‘shabby’ gear is more desirable and there is a ‘reverse-snobbism against those who do adorn new gear. The author suggests that subtle luxuries communicate something. It is communication to those who know the difference. There is no label; even so the products quality can be recognized by vigilant few. A key point the author cites is that subtle luxuries are not limited to material goods. ‘Performances, giving to charity, and camping can all be considered subtle luxuries. Subtle luxuries can even be the absence of something like the working hard to have ‘free time.’ Methodology The technique used in the study was referred to a ‘snowball.’ Four core people were used for interviews and in turn they suggested others, all of whom resided in New York City or Boston. Interviews took place at the workplace of the respondents or their home. Two interviews took place via telephone and one was supplemented by a letter. Interviews had two parts. 1) Covered the issue of subtle luxuries and what they were and what they meant. 2) Personal goals and needs, how subtle luxuries met those needs. ‘Tinderbox’ was used to analyze and cluster similar sets of meanings between responses. How I view to apply the author’s

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