Substance Abuse Essay

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Substance Abuse Kinsey Vess PSY/270 November 16, 2014 Joan Rachmel Substance Abuse There are many theories as to what causes a person to abuse substances. In all truth, all of the theories surely have some truth to them. Each person is different and what causes them to abuse drugs is custom to them. However, the theory that I believe is often the cause of substance abuse is the psychodynamic theory. The psychodynamic theory says that the reason for substance abuse is that people have a dependency problems that come from an earlier time. Often people who develop a substance abuse problem lacked nurturing as a child and they developed a dependency problem. I think that this is the case just because it is what I have observed in my own experiences. Most people that I know that have a substance abuse problem lacked nurture as a child and they also are dependent on not only drugs, but other things. Many people who lacked nurture as a child get attached to things very easily; when they start drugs they are almost automatically attached and get abuse it. Each theory has their own idea of what treatment is proper for a person with substance abuse. Psychodynamic theorist say the best treatment for a person with a substance abuse problem is talking through the problems they experienced previously that causes the dependency issue. I think that this treatment is a proper one, but it could be used in addition to other treatments to ensure

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