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Substance Abuse in the Workplace Substance abuse is a serious and growing problem in the workplace. It is an ever- growing problem that is moving out from the streets to the American workplace. Substance abuse can be defined as a pattern of harmful use of any substance for mood-altering purposes. In this paper I will discuss major problems and the effects that substance abuse has on people and also outline statistics in the workplace and the cost to the business that is affected. I will analyze some ways that substance abuse can be prevented and dealt with in the workplace and also give my views first hand with co-workers and the effects of their substance abuse. I. Problems with substance abuse 1. Alcohol and drug abuse by employees cause many expensive problems for business and industry ranging from lost productivity, injuries, and an increase the health insurance claims. The one using not only puts their self in danger but everyone around them in danger. 2. Alcohol and drug abuse on the job is a serious issue for employers because it may cause lost productivity or dangerous conditions from mistakes, reduced efficiency, and increased absenteeism. 3. Substance abuse has been linked to negative occurrences in the workplace such as stress, monotonous work, shift work, work requiring relocation and the frequent changes in co-workers and supervisors 4. HR professionals today believe that substance abuse and addiction is one of the most serious issues they face in their company. Absenteeism, reduced productivity and a lack of trust are major problems stemming from substance abuse that affect the efficiency and success of companies across the country. a. One survey found that nine percent of heavy drinkers and 10 percent of drug users had missed work because of a hangover, six percent had gone to work high or drunk in the past year, and 11

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