Substance Abuse Essay

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Substance Abuse & Adolescents James O. Turner Liberty University Abstract Anti-social disorders, mood disorders, and anxiety disorders are examples of the mental disorders that are commonly associated with substance abuse. The abuse of substances among youth, around the world, has caused a major public health problem; creating a dependency for those that regularly use it and they often have co-existing mental disorders. With an increasing amount of adults that consume marijuana (as well as alcohol) on a regular basis, in close proximity to their youth; their adolescents are using the substances, as well. Witnessing how adults use these substances as part of their social activities, the increased circulation of substances, and the low amount of law enforcement; this allows adolescents to get ahold of these substances a lot easier. keywords: alcohol, marijuana, youth, adolescence, substance, abuse, disorders, drugs Introduction For the purpose of this paper, we will use the term substance abuse to refer to pathologic use of drugs and/or alcohol, including the DSM-IV’s categories of substance abuse disorders and substance dependence disorders (Waldron & Turner, 2008). Public health problems continue to rise amongst the globe with the lack of government support. And for healthcare in America, it is our social iniquities that continue stand in the way of progress. Alcohol and marijuana stand at the forefront of these iniquities, as they are continually abused by a widespread amount of Americans in a wide range of age groups. Adolescents, being susceptible to the influence of those elder to them, view the behaviors modelled before them and seek to repeat it. They look up to those senior to them and with the intent of fitting in or being like their seniors, they actively consume these substances.With these adolescents continually consuming alcohol

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