Substance Abuse Essay

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Counseling Adolescents Dealing with Substance Abuse Abstract Addiction is a major health problem in the United States and substance use amongst kids that are 12 years old and older is of great concerns. According to the TEDS report for substance abuse for ages 12 – 14 the levels of alcohol usage was not as high as they were in 2002, but they were still at an disturbing level. The use of drugs and alcohol of any individual could be the result of health and social problems. The earlier an individual began to use the more problems they are likely to encounter. People who abuse drugs and alcohol is at an increase risk of becoming addicted if they do not get help. The National Survey on Drug use indicates that the adolescents’ perception about risks associated with drug use and their use is closely related. If they perceive that they may experience little to no risk by their use then the possibility of them using is low. If they perceive that the risk of using is great than it is less likely that they will use. It is important for those participating in substance abuse to get the help they need and counseling is a good option for adolescents battling with substance abuse as they move toward recovery. Counseling Adolescent dealing with Substance Abuse Although some people enjoy being alone sometime, not many people like being alone all of the time. Group therapy can be a powerful tool for treating a multitude of problems including substance abuse. Groups are a support system to people who are in trouble, in pain or those who may project any abnormal or destructive behaviors. They can help teach people how to develop healthy interpersonal and coping skills. A group setting allows its members to interact with each other and it can be a source of persuasion. The dynamics of a group can be a means of stabilizing its members. Groups are effective at treating

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