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The Invention of the Submarine Robert Fulton invented the first practical operational submarine in 1800. Although the submarine was designed from 1793-1797, it was tested in 1800 to see how it worked. Robert Fulton was born in Little Britain, Pennsylvania on November 14, 1765. He passed away February 24, 1815 at age 49 in New York City from exposure. He was an American Engineer and inventor mainly known for the steamboat and the submarine, Nautilus. In 1797 he went to Paris where his fame as an inventor was well known. In Paris, Fulton studied French, German, mathematics and chemistry. He began to design torpedoes and submarines. Fulton single-handed invented the first working submarine, however others before him had similar designs but just failed to pass the test of staying underwater for 17 minutes in 25 feet of water, which the Nautilus did. Robert Fulton is also well known for the steamboat. On August 7, 1807, Robert Fulton's Clermont went from New York City to Albany making history with a 150-mile trip taking 32 hours at an average speed of about 5 miles-per-hour. John Fitch constructed four different steamboats between 1785 and 1796 that successfully went across rivers and lakes and demonstrated the ability of using steam for water locomotion. His models utilized various combinations of propulsive force, including ranked paddles, paddle wheels, and screw propellers. While his boats were mechanically successful, Fitch failed to pay attention to construction and operating costs and was unable to justify the economic benefits of steam navigation. Robert Fulton built his first boat after Fitch's death, Fulton became known as the father of steam navigation. Unlike Fitch, Fulton was able to keep the costs within his budget. The Nautilus was created in France. Fulton built the first working submarine at the Perrier boatyard in Rouen of copper sheets over

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