Submarine Earthquake Essay

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------------------------------------------------- Submarine earthquake From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Tectonic plate boundaries, showing the plate movement direction and magnitude of motion. Tectonic plate boundaries Convergent plate boundary trench formation and dynamics Convergent plate boundary: Mariana trench Plate Tectonics Transform plate boundary: San Andreas Fault Divergent plate boundary: Mid-Atlantic Ridge Divergent plate boundary: Mid-Atlantic Ridge A submarine, undersea, or underwater earthquake is an earthquakethat occurs underwater at the bottom of a body of water, especially anocean. They are the leading cause of tsunamis. The magnitude can be measured scientifically by the use of either the Richter scale or the Mercalli scale.[1] Understanding plate tectonics helps to explain the cause of submarine earthquakes. The Earth's surface or lithosphere comprises tectonic plateswhich average approximately 50 miles in thickness, and are continuously moving very slowly upon a bed of magma in the asthenosphere and innermantle. The plates converge upon one another, and one subducts below the other, or, where there is only shear stress, move horizontally past each other (see transform plate boundary below). Little movements called fault creep are minor and not measurable. The plates meet with each other, and if rough spots cause the movement to stop at the edges, the motion of the plates continue. When the rough spots can no longer hold, the sudden release of the built-up motion releases, and the sudden movement under the sea floor causes a submarine earthquake. This area of slippage both horizontally and vertically is called the epicenter, and has the highest magnitude, and causes the greatest damage. As with a continental earthquake the severity of the damage is not often caused by the earthquake at the rift zone, but rather by
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