Subliminal Messaging Essay

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Works Cited * Ben Massey Media Analysis B-4 Commercials have been crafting subliminal ideas into the minds of T.V. viewers since Philo Farnsworth created the box they stare at. The ideas are subtle and don’t always stick, but they can be a powerful tool to the organization who makes them. In the Pepsi millennium commercial, a role model of the decade, Britney Spears, goes through the past five decades with Pepsi in euphoria of fond memories. She is always happy, always dancing, always singing, and always with Pepsi. This creates an idea that Pepsi must bring happiness and friends. This Pepsi commercial makes people falsely believe that life doesn’t have to be hard; it can just be fun as long as you have Pepsi. Britney sings sweetly that Pepsi is for “the lively crowd” and “those who think young”. It makes an impression that Pepsi itself is fresh and young, and it even goes along with a universal impression that young people are invincible and care free. In every scene she is dancing the styles of the decade, all the way from beach parties to nights out late like the young minded do. Most people who see this will remember the good ole days and want to have fun again, so they buy a Pepsi. Pepsi also makes a large claim that they are the best soda ever and try to make people agree without any dispute. What other soda could possibly make someone happy? Pepsi has Britney Spears and fun and dancing and music. They use all their bribery to make sure they are the best. In the 1980’s Pepsi is “simply irresistible”, and in the 70’s “Pepsi has a lot to give”. It has two meanings when she says “it’s a taste that beats the others cold”. Pepsi also uses the cultural myth that older is better, stronger, and wiser. In the commercial they celebrate reaching the new millennium. They encourage

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