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Subj: Writing Assignment: Weapons Handling On 5 March, 2013 I was observed throwing my M16A4 service rifle equipped with a PVQ-31A and PEQ-15 into the back of my sections gun truck. This action was in total disregard of the Regimental Commander’s talk regarding maintaining our issued equipment. A talk which had taken place hardly two hours prior to the incident. This writing assignment’s focus is on the proper way to maintain and handle not only the above said equipment but all issued gear. To give an idea of the seriousness that this subject should be given I would like to use a few numbers regarding the value of the above said items. Rough estimate from various online resources the unit replacement cost of a M16A4 service rifle is $586. The PVQ-31A or (RCO) from what I could find online is roughly around $1,200 apiece. Unfortunately I could not find a price estimate for what the Marine Corps spends on the PEQ-15 laser targeting system. Needless to say it is clearly obvious at the each item from the service rifle down to the…show more content…
The most basic of which apart from simply handling your equipment with the utmost care is cleaning. Properly cleaning your weapon and optics can make the difference in a functional weapon and a unserviceable weapon. To start when cleaning the rco it is recommended that only clean water or soapy water be used to rinse dirt from the surfaces and lenses. Before using the water however be sure that the elevation and windage adjustor caps are on to help ensure water does not enter the optic. It is important not to clean the rco with any sorts of solvents such as ace tone especially when cleaning the light tube which can be easily damaged by solvents. Never should you wipe the lenses with any sort of coarse material or when there is still dirt on the lens. Doing so could scratch the lens and hamper the effectiveness of the

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