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This essay will attempt to discuss the development crisis which Sub-Saharan countries are said to be experiencing. This will include looking at the nature of the crisis and its causes. Further the paper will delve into the factors which are more responsible for the said crisis. Sub-Saharan countries refer to the group of countries that are found in Africa below the Sahara desert. These countries share a common history and characteristics of oppression, poverty, unemployment and high population growth rates. These do not include the Arabic countries to the north of Africa such as Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria and Libya. The Sub-Saharan countries form part of what has come to be referred to as third world or developing countries. These terms tend to be used interchangeably. ‘Crisis’ has been said to originate from Marxist literature to mean the break down of the operation of society. The term can be defined as a situation of great danger, difficulty or uncertainty often resulting from political disagreements; a situation where people lack what they need or a feeling of great suffering about a problem in one’s life. Development has often been defined as a multi-dimensional concept that focuses on the attainment or realisation of the full human potential. There are a lot of differing views to the approach on the definition of the concept of development in the literature. Over the years social scientists have emphasised different aspects of the concept. Some of these, over the years, especially in the models that dominated in the 1950’s, have been purely economic such as the models put forward by W.A. Lewis and the Harrod Douar growth models which saw development to be synonymous with economic growth and advocated for free market liberal approaches. State control was seen as upsetting the complex market system. The market was the best mechanism for allocating scarce
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