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Narrative method. Types of narration. Narrator, one who tells, or is assumed to be telling, the story in a given narrative. In modern analysis of fictional narratives, the narrator is the imagined ‘voice’ transmitting the story. What the reader thinks and feels will depend upon how the author allows him or her to see what is going on. The author is controlling the reader’s viewpoint. Various kinds of narration help him to do so. The way authors relate events to readers is called narration. The narrative method involves such aspects as a) who narrates the story and b) the way the narrator stands in relation to the events and to the other characters of the story. The author can vary the narrative method depending on what he wants his readers to concentrate on. He can tell the story from the point of view of a character in the story, or from without – as an onlooker. The author may choose four types of narrators: 1) the main character; 2) a miner character; 3) the omniscient author; 4) the observer-author. 1. When the main character tells his story, the events of the story are presented to the reader through his perception. The author in this case places himself in the position of the main character and tells of things that only the main character saw and felt. 2. When a minor character, who participates in the actions, narrates the story, the events are described through the perception of his character. The author places himself in the position of a minor character and gives this character’s version of the events and personages. 3. The author may narrate his story anonymously, analyzing and interpreting the character’s motives and feelings. The reader sees what is going on in the minds of all the characters. This type of narration is told by the omniscient (or analytic) author. The omniscient author reproduces the character’s thoughts and comments on

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