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Stylistic 1 Introduction into stylistics General notes on style and stylistics The subject of stylistics hasn't so far been definitely outlined. This is due to a number of reasons. First of all there is a confusion between the terms style and stylistics. The first term is so broad that it is hardly possible to regard it as a term. We speak of style in architecture, literature, behaviour, linguistics, dress and other fields of human activity. Even in linguistics the word style is used so widely that it needs interpretation. The majority of linguists who deal with the subject of style agree that the term applies to the following fields of investigation: 1. the esthetic function of the language, 2. expressive means in the language, 3. synonymous ways of rendering, 4. an emotional colouring of the language, 5. a system of special devices called stylistic devises, 6. the splitting of the literary language into separate subsystems called stylistic devises, 7. the interelation between language and thought, 8. the individual manner of an author in making use of language. The origin of style and stylistics There is a widely held view that style is the correspondence between thought and expression. The thought is based on the assumption that of the 2 functions of language: the 1 is communicative, the 2 is expressive. The later finds it proper materialisation in strength of sentences, especially arranged to convey the ideas and also to get the desired response. Many great minds have made valuable observations onto the relations between thought and expression. The main trend in most of these observations may be summarised as follows. The linguistic form of the idea expressed always reflects the peculiarities of the thought and vice versa. The character of the thought will always in a greater or lesser degree manifest

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