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Stylistics can be described as the study of style of language usage in different contexts either linguistic or situational. Yet, it seems that due to the complex history and variety of investigated issues of this study it is difficult to state precisely what stylistics is, and to mark clear boundaries between it and other branches of linguistics which deal with text analysis. The primary interest of stylistics for years is the analysis of the type, fluctuation or the reason for choosing a given style as in any language a single thought can be expressed in a number of ways depending on connotations or desired result that the message is to produce. Therefore stylistics is concerned with the examination of grammar, lexis, semantics as well as phonological properties and discursive devices. It might seem that the same issues are investigated by sociolinguistics and indeed that is the case, however sociolinguistics analyses issues that are dependent on the social class, gender, age etc. While stylistics is more interested in the significance of function that the style fulfils. Moreover, stylistics examines oral and written texts in order to determine crucial characteristic linguistic properties, structures and patterns influencing perception of the texts. Thus, it can be said that this branch of linguistics is related to discourse analysis, in particular critical discourse analysis and pragmatics, owing to the fact that at the beginning of the development of this study, the major part of the stylistic investigation was concerned with the analysis of literary texts, which is sometimes called literary linguistics or literary stylistics. Nowadays, linguists study various kinds of texts such as manuals, recipes, as well as novels, advertisements, mottos, political speeches etc. SYSTEMIC FUNCTIONAL LINGUISTICS is an approach to linguistics that considers

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