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MID-TERM STYLISTICS Liza Firsneti 0910732943 Supervisor : Laily Martin and Donny Eros 1. “Stylistics is a method of textual interpretation in which primacy of place is assigned to language.” It means that language is the most important thing one. To do stylistics is to explore language, and, more specifically, to explore creativity in language use. Doing stylistics can improve our ways of thinking about language and exploring language offers our understanding of texts. Language is so important to Stylisticians because the various forms, patterns and levels that constitute linguistic structure are an important index of the function of the text. 2. “The texts studied may be those produced in a certain period of time (texts in medieval English), or by a certain group of language users (people who write newspaper editorials), or by individuals (Wordsworth), and the purposes of the analyses range from the purely descriptive (‘the verbal groups in scientific texts tend to be in the passive voice’) through the explanatory (‘scientists use the passive because they are describing universal processes which are independent of the individual scientist’) to the interpretive (‘by using the passive, scientists absolve themselves from any responsibility for their actions’). So, from the statement above, we can conclude that object of stylistic branches not only literature, but from a variety of texts. Historically, the root of Stylistics is rhetoric, or the science of speech, which is used in medieval churches, diplomats, and political actors to make a paper pattern, learn the art of speaking, and make the argument for a strong influence. Stylistics also can use to newspaper editorial, such as the poetry by Carol Ann Duffy who makes a poet that use the newspaper headline. We can analyze this poet from literary or general stylistics. 3. Stylistic

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