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Stylistic Analysis

  • Submitted by: HsuZaw1
  • on January 21, 2014
  • Category: English
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      The primary aim of analyzing writing style of   newspaper is to make language learners know how it is described and to improve their interpretative ability. And newspapers try to express true events that can provide them with better knowledge about the world.

      All messages and new things are presented in mass media, and newspaper is one of the media to transmit news. Newspaper which is more stable and reliable written form of media becomes more important in daily life of people. Newspaper includes sections such as the feature pages, the column pages, the front pages, the sports column, and the editorial section. The perspectives which express opinions of editors and reflects the viewpoint of the newspaper is one of the main important   sections of newspaper . It has its own stylistic features.

      This paper is an attempt to study the stylistic features of perspectives in editorials. In presenting the writing style of editorials , the research is based on the perspectives from “ The New Light of Myanmar” newspaper published in English from December, 2012 to January, 2013. In this study, the linguistic features of perspectives are analysed in terms of four levels- graphetic and graphelogical level, syntactic level, lexical level and semantic level and its distinctive stylistic features are also explored.

      This thesis is divided into eight chapters. Chapter (1) is the introduction of the thesis. Chapter (2) describes the aim and objectives of the thesis. Chapter ( 3 ) discusses the levels of the perspectives in terms of graphetic and graphological level, syntactic level, lexical level and semantic level. Chapter (4) presents research methodology. Chapter (5) deals with the stylistic analysis of the perspectives in terms of graphological level, syntactic level, lexical level and semantic level. Chapter (6) presents findings and discussion. Chapter (7) is conclusion.


The aim of...

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