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|1. Arnold defines stylistics as a branch of linguistics, |2. Decoding stylistics (DS) – the most recent trend in stylistics | |investigating the principles and effect of choice and usage of |that employs the knowledge of such sciences as information theory, | |phonetic, lexical, grammatical and other language means with the |psychology, linguistics, literary theory, history of art, etc. DS | |purpose of transmitting thoughts and emotions in different |tries to regard the esthetic value of a text based on the | |circumstances of communication. Stylistics defined as a branch of |interaction of specific textual elements, stylistic devices & | |general linguistics, which touches upon expressive means, stylistic|compositional structure in delivering the authors message. This | |devices of the language, their relations to the idea expressed; the|method does not consider the stylistic function of any stylistic | |classification of the existing styles of speech. They are |feature separately but as a part of a whole text. DS helps the | |independent and are studied by definite branches of stylistics. It |reader in understanding of a literary work by explaining (decoding)| |has mainly with two tasks: Stylistics is regarded as a language |the info that may be hidden from immediate view. The term “DS” came| |science which deals with the results of the act of communication. |from the application of the theory of information to linguistics | |There are 2 basic objects of stylistics: - stylistic devices and |(Jackobson, Arnold, Lotman). The process is presented in the | |figures of speech; - functional styles. Branches of stylistics: - |following way: the writer receives different information from the | |Lexical stylistics – studies functions of direct and figurative |outside world. He

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