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Styles of Leadership Leadership is such a very broad topic. There are multiple definitions for the word. There are many different styles and skills associated with the term leadership, however they all seem to aim at one result which is motivating an individual or group to accomplish a desired outcome or achieve a common goal. The three major styles of leadership are (U.S. Army Handbook, 1973): * Authoritarian or autocratic * Participative or democratic * Delegative or Free Reign Although, there is no right or wrong leadership style, there are a number of differences between the styles. A good leader is capable of using all three styles. Different styles are used depending on the situation and the parties involved. A great leader is able to respond to different situations in different ways to achieve different results. Bad leaders tend to stick with only one type of leadership style; similar to a one size fits all mentality ( ). Similar situations may need to be dealt with differently under separate circumstances. Even though most of the objectives remain the same, applying the same style to different individuals could produce drastically different results. To be effective, a leader should be able to anticipate the best way to handle a situation, and adjust his style appropriately. It is interesting to ask others what they feel their leadership style is and compare that to your own personal opinions. I recently interviewed my supervisor, Director of Purchasing, and asked her what she believed her leadership style was. Part of her response was, “… provide guidance, support, encourage and promote decision-making and accountability for those decisions, including an atmosphere conducive to creativity and innovative thinking for cost effective and efficient ways of doing business)”.

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