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Learning Styles Generally speaking, there are three types of learning styles. People receive process and retain information by using visual, auditory or kinesthetic methods. There has also been evidence that these learning styles often lead learners to develop characteristics that have led experts to properly gauge levels of intelligence. Those that learn by using their eyes, often focus on the eyes, body language, gestures and facial expression of their instructors to. It is also common for visual learners to remain clearly focused on the material being presented as well as the instructor. This indicates to experts that visual learners tend to "think in pictures. Absorbing information on the part of the visual learner usually involves detailed note-taking and closely examining and remembering charts, maps, photographs, handouts and other visual aids. Visual learners are also succinct and thorough readers. Auditory learners, learn through listening. With the same diligence as visual learners, these individuals prefer to thoroughly discuss materials and often pay close attention to the pitch, tone, words and speed of which teachers deliver their messages. Visual learners often will not find meaning in notes, written works or visual aids until they hear them explained or associated with sounds Kinesthetic learning involves the need for a student to touch and feel elements of their surroundings in order to retain information, further notes that people who depend on kinesthetic learning often become easily agitated or distracted and cannot focus due to their needs for further instruction and to physically get their hands on items relating to the material in front of them. Kinesthetic learning is also known as tactile learning I have a better understanding on things when I visualize them, therefore my preferred learning style is visual. I’d pick a movie over a

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