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In this work I used charcoal and contay to draw a value drawing of a bottle and vegetables in a bowl. I worked on making different values from the darkest one using contay, to lighter shades. My intention was to make it as realistic as possible examining the lighting and shading of the model. In this work I used space and volume. I positioned the whole thing in the middle, working on the shadow on the table and bringing the background to life. At first I felt it was quite challenging working with charcoal, especially because it was my first time. I felt it was hard to control it, however after making a few sketches in my sketchbook it became easier and I became more familiar with the limitations and pros of using charcoal. I was then focused on showing the different degrees of light, from the darkest-the black bottle, to the lightest- the yellow pepper. I found new techniques of smudging the charcoal, which became very helpful when working with a large space. I felt that the time of the process was challenging, since with charcoal there is always more to add. When comparing the shading in a number of places you have to constantly work on finding more shades of black, and this process could go on forever. I used tissue in order to smudge the charcoal and make it smooth and even, while using contay to bring out the darker places and an eraser to bring out the light. In this work I was also focused on demonstrating my knowledge of composition and dimension. I believe I did show an understanding of this. I think another problem I had to overcome was working with lines, since in a value drawing there are no lines. I had to constantly add more shading and erase the border lines in order to make it less ‘flat’. I believe that while working on it I was able to identify myself, with a bit of help from the teacher, the places which required some improvement. I noticed when I

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