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Stuttering and How It Has Affected Me Throughout My Life Have you ever had so much to say but couldn’t speak at all because you were scared of how it would come out? That’s what I felt every day for eleven years. As a person who stutters, I realize how important communication and speech really are. Stuttering has been a major part of my life, and has helped me grow also. I was in the first grade when I began to stutter. My parents didn’t think much of it and assumed that it was just a phase I was going through as a six- year- old child. My teacher had a meeting with my parents to discuss my stuttering problem during which she told them I needed a speech therapist, then they understood that it was more than a phase. Luckily for me the elementary school I was going to had a speech therapist, and I met with her for an hour every day until the fifth grade. During that hour my speech therapist had me read sentences, paragraphs, and books out loud to her. She said doing this would help me feel confident and comfortable reading and talking in front of class. In my four years of speech therapy there were words and syllables which I couldn’t pronounce without stuttering. Over those four years, my stuttering was at its worst, and that was when my life changed completely. During this period in my life time, from first to fifth grade, I stuttered so badly that I was afraid to talk. I feared raising my hand in class. I feared answering the phone. I was frightened to even say my Kelati -2 name and also just to talk to people. That is why I’m a shy person, and why I don’t like presenting, talking, or reading out loud in class, I’m afraid that I’m going to stutter and embarrass myself in front of everyone. I never go a day without thinking about stuttering and how to prevent it from happening. Stuttering lowered my self-esteem, deprived me of

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