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A Game of Cards In the short story ‘A Game of Cards’, I agreed with the authors point of view that the support of friends and family is important. Nanny Miro connects with her friends and family when she plays cards. I can see she’d have a good time because she would yell, cheat, laugh and bicker with everyone. “... And she would slap down her hand. Sweet, ay? She would laugh, Good? Kapai lalelale? And she would sometimes wiggle her hips, making her victory sweeter.” And, “she liked the bickering”. From this I could clearly see that she enjoyed herself in these times with her friends. From my own experience with friends and family playing cards is a way to have a good time as well as to communicate with the people you love. An example of this is when our family goes camping with two other families each summer. The older kids would usually go and play card games such as ‘cheat’. While playing we would do very similar things to what Nanny Miro would do such as yelling, cheating and bickering over small things. I can relate to how Nanny Miro would feel while playing because the outcome of us playing cards was that we all would be in a good mood and it was a chance for us to have fun. However, I also found the story sad as it neared the end when all Nanny Miros friends and family came together to spend her final hours with her. Playing cards was a way to unite everyone together though it was a hard time for everyone. I saw that support from friends and family is important at this point of the story because everyone was there for Nanny Miro. What made it sad and happy was that Nanny Miro died doing something that she loved doing which was, playing cards with all her friends and whanau. I enjoyed the use of everyday language in ‘A Game of Cards’ as well as the Maori language in the story. It reminded me of a short film I enjoyed called ‘Two cars one night’ by

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