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Revils 1 Shauna ENGL 0307 Professor Graves October 3, 2012 "Stunt Anthem" The Chevy Sonic, is it for the everyday person or just the spontaneous, adventurous, younger-generation person? The Chevy Sonic commercial is showing a flow passion and adrenaline to bring the viewer to a "pumped" state of mind; where you can understand and take in the broad and specific message for each person looking to buy a new car, whether your adventurous or plain jane. As you watch the advertisement you see three main descriptions, each one targets a different person but still aim toward the general public. The Chevy Sonic "stunt anthem" commercial shows how it is the can-do car by doing life-risking stunts; in turn, drawing in the younger, adventurous crowd. One of the elements that I noticed while viewing the Chevy Sonic advertisement, was the music, the course from "We are Young" by Fun. If you think of the words, "Tonight, we are young," you feel as though you are young and your body can do everything with no repercussions. You get this energy from the bottoms of your feet and rise above and beyond, that feeling that makes you want to do daring and spontaneous activities. As you see in the commercial, for the Chevy Sonic, the car is doing the most daring, dangerous, and adreneline-rush sports. "So let's set the world on fire," who does that? I know it is impossible for you to set the world on fire but it's daring and it's simply crazy. Those words go along with the acts shown in the advertisement, simply crazy yet fun. "We can burn brighter than the sun;" that is the feeling you get when you have accomplished something you never thought possible. You feel good because you stand out more than the other guy with that other car. As you can see, the music chosen for this advertisement brings you into

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